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Fusedd Review: hey guys, this is Sayan from in Nkracademy.com, Fusedd goes live on the WarriorPlus platform on the 16th of september at 11 am eastern standard time and will be on a launch spatial discount.

So Fusedd is a brand new cloud-based software that allows any newbie also to get earnings from affiliate offers and cpa offers. That means you can earn money without literally selling anything that’s. Zero selling right and the best part, is that you can almost have instant access to around 900 million active users per month.

It works in three steps. Number one is: you can choose from product from done for you products on different niches, then you need to select a done-for-you category. Page and third, is you can turn on the instant targeted traffic for each of those category page which again is done for you right? So you can make money without selling anything you don’t need any list.

You don’t need any website domain or hosting, because it is self hosted and you can do it without any experience as well. You don’t need to shoot any videos you don’t need to have a youtube channel, and all of those things that you have known for so far is not going to be required, because this is a brand new technique in Which you can leverage other people’s, product and cpa offers to make money from without actually selling anything right.

So if that sounds interesting to you, then please stick on with me till the end of this video, because i’ll, be giving you a full demo on fuse, alongside that, i’ll, also discuss my custom bonuses. What 5797, which you can get for free today by going down on the description link of this video and clicking the link to my bonus page, which should take you right here? That is on my bonus page, and here you are going to find any and every info on fuse.

Now i am not going into deep of that, because i will be giving you a total demo on it. However, i want to show you the kind of bonuses that i have. If i scroll down you can see, there are more than 300 softwares up for grab.

I have given you softwares of anything. There is the lights of which keepy video sumo up for grabs as well right, so their traffic software, video marketing software funnel builder software lead generating software, social media, syndication software, every kind of software that you can think of right.

So if that sounds interesting, then please watch out the demo of fuse right here, because once we come back, i’ll, be discussing some of the most premium bonuses that i have, along with the sales funnel off fused with you, hey guys.

Welcome to this quick Fusedd Demo and as you can see, i’m within the dashboard of fuse. Now, first thing i want to tell you is that you can find all the trainings over here. These are training related to what is going to be done, and these are the tutorial on how fused is going to help you, so that’s, a brilliant thing to have that will teach you how exactly you can use this software to make money For yourself right so that’s, pretty good! Now on the settings you can integrate your autoresponders right, whatever you have, or even if you don’t have that spine, because on the statistics tab you can get hold of the leads that you can get through the squeeze pages that are done for You already now let’s, quickly, jump on to the dashboard and see how you can create a campaign for yourself.

So for that you can click on create campaign, and then you need to enter a name say cheyenne demo, and then you can just click on create. Then it will ask whether it will occur on cpa offers or on affiliate offers.

That would be up to you on, depending on which networks you have permissions on or affiliations on right. So, for example, this one i will take affiliate offers. So i can click on that and then i need to enter a niche say, for example, um make money online, let it be okay.

So what this does is that in this first step it will actually search done for you offers on different networks. As you can see, you are going to get all these offers. These are all high converting offers that they have filtered out of different networks.

Now you can choose any of them, and you can just click on this arrow over here and you can see the average dollar per cell, the gravity and everything, and once you are happy with it, you can just click on promote and that will take you to A done for you landing page that squeeze page and everything is done for you here.

You can take a preview by clicking on this eyeball icon or you can use it using this finger tip icon right. So there is again, as you can see, dating one baby, pet freebie finance weight loss so on different niches.

They are done for you pages, which you can use right. So for this example. Let us take say this one. Just i’m just giving a demo, so i just want to show you how you can edit everything over here, so you can change this logo.

All you need to do is click on here and that will allow you to change the logo right. It has integration with pixabay and also you can upload your own files as well, so that’s, pretty cool. Now, if you want to change the writing over here, that’s again simple, you can just click on it and you can change the writing over here.

You can write anything. You want right and click on apply changes and that’s. It so that’s, pretty good right, and this form over here you can just set up your autoresponder setting with with the api integration, or you can just copy paste in case your autoresponder is not within their integration list right.

So that means it has connection with any autoresponder. Then you can add your google analytics and fb pixel tracking code as well right. You can have the sc option so that your squeeze page gets ranked on google.

Now there is a thank you page. That is once the user will put in their name and email id over here and click on get started. Now you can have two options: one is to redirect the user or the other is to display a message now.

The redirection can also be done through the autoresponder via email as well right. So in that case, you need to display a message that you check your inbox for the offer or something like that and in case, if you want to redirect it to an entirely new page, then you can do that you by using this redirect user, and then You can have the redirection url over here now in this uh particular link.

I want to tell you that i have given you two additional bonuses. Apart from the one mentioned on the bonus page, those are how to create landing pages using wordpress and wix. Now, if you have wordpress, you can use wordpress and also i have shown you wix, because weeks is entirely free one, so you can redirect them to that page on weeks and from there you can promote anything and everything that you want right.

There is no restriction to it at all, so that’s, another way to monetize it, but remember that is only available through my bonuses right. So, having said that, you can also decide on which window it will be shown in a new window or in the same window right and once done.

You just need to click on save here and that will give you options to update and from there you can just publish either, that is, your page would be hosted on fused app itself. There is no hosting required, and then you can also generate ads for it.

So let’s, generate ads and see how it looks like so just clicking on generated. You can see. I have been able to generate three ad set so that’s, brilliant one. Now i can download all these ads and i can run this on google on ping wherever i want.

So there is a detailed training on bing ads as well, because bing is less competitive than google and if you find on the us market, bing has a greater search percentage as well. So that’s. A good way to have your nose ahead of the competition right, so that was in short about this fused app demo and i hope you have loved it.

Now. Let’s, move over and discuss my custom bonuses and the sales funnel are fused with you. Hey guys welcome back, and i really hope you had enjoyed the demo now. I have insane insane bonuses for you, so i do request you to please come over to this page by going down on the description link of this video and clicking the link to my bonus page and check for yourself how premium my Fusedd Bonus Package are.

Having said that, it’s really impossible to cover all of them in the short video. So i do request you again to come over to this page and see for yourself how premium my bonuses are. Having said that, i’ll, be now going through the most most most premium, bonuses that i have in offer for you now.

The first of them is linkpress, which is a link management software. Then i have gram suit that allows you to follow. Instagram profiles of people on autopilot mode, the next one is lara miller, which is a simple autoresponder application.

Then there is a fit skippy 2.0. Now this is a brilliant, brilliant tool that allows you to embed your videos in the middle of other people’s, video and it’s like youtube in stream ads. But for this you never need to pay anything.

So this is a brilliant one right then there is ultra pop that creates those exit, intent, pop-ups and helps in engagement. The next one is video sumo, which is very important in order to spy on different videos, and it also creates video from any url.

That is, you can go over to an amazon product page and you can create a video from there, so that’s, a brilliant thing to have right – and in this way all of my bonuses are very premium. There is video.

Then there is a agency business in a box model. Then there are 40 premium products with giveaway rights and 3000 done for you, email swipes. Then there are 100 software with reseller license. Then i have a few softwares on social media that can help you in traffic and leads.

Then i have resource which helps you to find expired domain and monetize them right. Then i have got you covered with yt supremacy, which is a brilliant course on youtube ranking, and then i have wp affiliate suite.

Then i have funnel builder software. Then i’ve got you social media lead collection. Softwares then i & # 39. Ve got your member press software. Then i & # 39. Ve got your social traffic syndication. Then i have also got you swift, funnel, which allows you to build funnels with upsells downsales and all of those functionalities right.

So i have skipped a lot of them, because this time is really short, and i do request you to come over to this page and check for yourself how premium my bonuses are now, if that impresses you and you want to get hold of all these bonuses Along with fused, then you can go down on the description link of this video and click.

The link to my bonus page from there. You can scroll down to find any of these red buttons clicking on which you will go over to the sales page, which should look like this and on here. You will get all these buttons clicking on which you can get access to fuse, along with all my bonuses, but remember there should be a exit, intent coupon, which should give you three dollars off write up at the front, and that makes it at 14 a real No-Brainer one, along with all my bonuses right now, having said that, all your bonuses would be delivered on your purchase area.

For that you need to just go over to your purchase history from there. You need to go over to fused and you can get hold of all my bonuses from this blue button right here, but remember to purchase fuse before this countdown timer hits zero, because once it does, then all my bonuses are going to expire, because i have a Very limited quantity of them, as they are very premium ones.

Now, if you have any questions, please feel free to shout out at us on this email id or on this facebook page right. The link to both of them are again down on the description box as well. Now let’s, move over to the sales funnel now the front end of a fused is coming at sixteen point: nine three dollars.

But having said that, i have already told you there should be an exit intent which should allow you three dollar off. That is, at thirteen point, nine three dollars absolute, no brainer right, because you are going to get this software along with all my bonuses as well.

Now, having said that, the oto one actually allows you the unlimited version of fuse. Now it is priced at 67, but it should have a lighter version at 37, but do check out for the lighter version. I don’t know what features are there, but the pro features are good because it allows you unlimited ads.

It allows you unlimited keyword, searches and it allows you 100 campaigns per month, along with that it has a wordpress plugin functionality so that you can publish your pages on wordpress websites as well, so that’s, pretty cool right now going to the oto2 That is the expert one and it’s priced at 37 and it has the automation in there.

So you just need to enter the keyword and everything else will be done for you. That is the squeeze page, the ads everything will be done for you, and it also has the wordpress integration so that’s, pretty cool now.

Oto 3 is the instant traffic and it should be priced at 97, but it should have a downsell to 67 and that will allow you to put your pixel on their sales page, so that’s, a good way for having traffic the next one Is unlimited reseller license that you can get off fused at a price of 47, but it should have a downsell to 37 as well.

The next one is 1k week plan that they have and it’s priced at 127 dollars, but should have a downsell to 97. Now, having said that, the front end itself is good enough if you have lower requirement of monetization, but if you really want to have multiple streams of monetization, you can update with either oto one or two or even both right.

So those are the recommended audios for it now. Having said that, i really hope that you have loved the bonuses that i have curated for you. But having said that, please feel free to hop around and see what other people are offering.

But once you do realize that my bonuses are by far the best and the most congruent with views, then do come over to this video that you are watching right now and go down on the description link of this video and click.

The link to my bonus page from there, you can just scroll down to come over to any of these red buttons clicking on which you can go over to the sales page and from there. You can click on any of this yellow button to get access to fuse with all my bonuses right.

Having said that, i really hope that you have loved this fused review. If you have, then please smash me a like, and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and hit on the bell notification icon so that you never miss out on any upcoming videos that i have on product reviews or training on making money Online, so i’ll meet again pretty soon with some other videos.

Until then, please take care of yourself and your families stay indoors and don’t forget to make money online. Signing off shine from nk academy. Take care, bye, bye! You

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