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I am A Software Engineer and Have worked for more than 8 Years for a MNC and was earning a Handsome Salary Package. But I was not enjoying my job as I had no freedom and no leisure time to enjoy my life.  It is this time that I Learnt About Internet Marketing and the benefits of it. I was quickly attracted to the huge scope it had. I spent a lot of time learning the aart of Internet Marketing as it was so much different than the job I used to do. Initially I felt many hiccups and challenges. I Realised that I can make a few bucks here and there but I cannot Make a Regular Passive Income Stream that is Repeatable without building a steady business model.

Thats when I decied to Quit! Not my Business but my 9-5 Job. It was a Huge Decision as I had my Bills to be Paid and EMIs to be Paid. I dared to take the risk and spent more on my learning.

Now the Dots became visible to me. By this time I was able to generate some commissions on a consistent basis. 

Today I have a regular business out of Internet Marketing and Enjoying my Life of Freedom as well.